The 1881 Pontoon is underway for 2017/2017. Should you be interested, please email pontoon@wfc1881.com for details on how to join, or fill out the form at the bottom of this page, entry is £16 which covers you for the entire season.

Last season we paid out over £1000 in cash prizes.

Please see below for rules and how our pontoon will work:

The aim of “Pontoon” is to reach 21 first. Each player will be assigned a football team from the English leagues and over the weeks the goals from each team will be tallied up and the first team to reach 21 goals exactly will win. Once a winner is reached, we will start a new game with new teams for each player.

– You will be assigned a team from the English leagues
– 1 goal = 1 point
– As Football League teams play twice a week, only goals from the weekend fixtures (Friday-Monday) will count towards your pontoon tally, regardless of whether it is league or cup
– If your team does not play on the weekend (e.g. match postponed, international break) then you will automatically receive 2 points for that week
– As each week passes without a winner, the prize pot gets bigger – the more players we have, the bigger the prize pot.
– If more than one player lands on 21 on the same week, the prize pot will be evenly split between them
– If your tally goes over 21 you will be out of that round, starting again in the next round after someone has won
– Once a round has been won, the player with the least amount of points will receive a small “Wooden Spoon” cash prize
– When the football season is coming to a close, it is possible that we may run out of fixtures before someone has reached 21 to win the last round. In this case, the player with the highest amount of points will be the winner (not including those that have surpassed the target of 21)

We will be sending out weekly updates to show the current standings, this will be communicated via both email and Facebook. Please feel free to share this with friends and family that may be interested; the more players we have, the bigger the cash prizes!

Thank you for your continued support.